Frequently Asked Questions

I have a narrow washing machine that is only 24″ wide; will this work with the ØVIB Washer Stand?

The ØVIB Washer stand is designed for use under standard width (27″) washing machines weighing at least 240 lbs.

How do I properly load a washing machine to minimize vibration?

On a front-loading washing machine, the most common mistake is to pack the clothes too tightly when loading the machine.

I can still hear my washing machine even though I’m using the Washer Stand; why is this?

The ØVIB Washer Stand is designed to reduce the vibration transmitted into the surrounding structure, and is not intended to reduce noise emanating from the machine itself.

Occasionally, the timer on my washing machine stops counting down, and sometimes counts up. Is this normal?

Yes. This behavior varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the time remaining can behave counter intuitively if the machine is having trouble balancing itself.

I can still feel some occasional vibration, even with the Washer Stand. Is this normal?

Yes. Users may experience some vibration during machine operation, especially as the washing machine speeds up to and slows down from the spin cycle.

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