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The VibrationBloc Washer Stand was developed to reduce vibration in full sized (27″) front loading washing machines located in first or second floor laundry rooms. The platform is constructed with heavy 16 gauge steel incorporating a patented system that reduces vibration up to 92%, significantly outperforming competitive pads, mats and feet. High traction grip tape is added to the top surface to eliminate washing machine walking. It is compatible with most makes and models of machines weighing more than 240 lbs. and is easy to install. The VibrationBloc Washer Stand is not recommended for used under Bosch and early LG washing machines.

The VibrationBloc Washer Stand is significantly different from other products on the market because it is the only product that uses a true isolator to reduce vibration. All other currently marketed products rely on elastomeric damping materials, which are not very effective in reducing the high amplitude, low frequency vibrations that are emitted from a washing machine during the spin cycle. This is because these materials cannot deflect (‘flex’) enough to generate a noticeable reduction in vibration. The VibrationBloc platform, however, uses true isolators based upon Seicon’s patented SEICON SYSTEM™ that can fully deflect to greatly reduce vibration. See how the VibrationBloc Washer Stand performs against competing pads, mats and feet.

The washer stand measures 27″L x 27″W x 27″H.

The VibrationBloc Washer Stand is the result of extensive testing and technological advancements. Our product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In fact, we encourage you to keep in touch with us to let us know how the product is performing.  Post photos and videos on our Facebook page, or just let us know how the VibrationBloc Washer Stand has helped in your household.

Since the VibrationBloc Washer Stand will elevate your washer by about three inches, we also sell a partner product dryer stand, or offer both products as a VibrationBloc Washer Stand/Dryer Stand Combo.

We are proud of our products, and we appreciate your business!

Volume discounts available on request. Call us as 866-614-7557 or contact us.

VibrationBloc products are >97% recyclable by weight.

Shipment will take place within 2-3 business days after order is received.
Shipping is $19.95 via UPS for anywhere in continental U.S and $29.99 in Canada (Canadian border brokerage fees and Canadian taxes are not included in shipping)
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 45 reviews
by S A on

I purchased these because I upgraded my W&D to a modern frontloader set. My wash room is on the second floor and my current W&D is noticeably loud from the bottom floor in the living areas. Additionally, some of the floor joists in the wash room are squeaky due to age, which adds to the noise. I realize that simply having a modern W&D has reduced the noise somewhat, but using the ØVIB stands have made it practically undetectable from the bottom floor, except for the most heavy loads and fastest spin cycles. Even then, it's much, much quieter than before. The wash room is also adjacent to the nursery and we've never had the baby be woken by the W&D running since upgrading and installing the stands. I've read many reviews that having a frontloader on the second floor is often a regrettable decision because it's just too noisy, even with reinforced floors. If that's true, using the ØVIB stands has made all the difference in our situation. There was a bit of sticker shock for these stands when I was shopping and comparing, but they are absolutely worth the price.

by Darrell on
LG Washer vibes tamed

I'm very pleased with the impact 0VIB has had since installation. I purchased the set. Although challenging to install, the results made the effort worth it. The LG washer is truly a beast to be tamed, but the 0VIB has accepted the challenge and has lived up to its name. I would definitely say 85-90% of the vibration is being absorbed; I can definitely still hear the machine, but it's bearable. Good product

by Pamela Catt on
much better

We purchased these for our LG washer and dryer. The washer still vibrates a lot but it's absorbed by the stand. We can't put anything on top of the washer or it will vibrate off but at least the floor isn't vibrating anymore.

by Erin on

The OVIB stackable washer and dryer stand has almost completely eliminated our vibration issues. Our stackable washer and dryer (on the second floor of our house) was supposed to be anti-vibration when we bought it, but it turned out that it was not. Our entire house would shake when we did laundry (even the glasses in the kitchen cupboards would make noise). Initially, we went to Trail Appliances and bought the little rubber pads to put under the washer, but they did not work. Once we got the OVIB stand, it made a huge difference! I would say it absorbs about 95% of the vibration. I am soooo happy I found this product! 

by John Huber on

I have a lg2101hwasher that is on the first floor of a 20 year old ranch that has a basement. Without your washer stand this washer would be history. It violently shock the entire floor. I was afraid of causing leaks in water pipe joints or some other damage. I tried reinforcing the floor with a post in the basement under the washer and vibration pads under the feet of the washer. These fixes caused very little improvement. I was about to get rid of this washer when I came across your washer stand. I congratulate the designers of this device as they did and excellent job. I am completely satisfied and would estimate they removed 90 to 95 per cent of the vibration. keep up the good work.

by Joe Wiilliams on

very pleased with this product fought vibation for years this works

by John Corey on
Really Works

Our front loading Samsung was a total vibration monster. You could feel the vibrations in the basement even with the machine being on the second floor. Ceiling lights on the first floor would actually move during spin, placing your hand on the walls you could feel them vibrating. Tried a number of so-called vibration dampers with little success (do not waste your money they are all junk). The washer stand is a fabulous product, it has totally tamed my monster if there is any vibration I cannot detect it. Do not even notice the machine spinning anymore, Totally amazing product and definitely worth every cent. Great Job

by Halbert Ray on
Took Getting Use To

Definite reduction in vibration transmitted through floor. Did take a little time to become accustomed to washer vibration on top of stand. Guess this is the way it should be. Washer vibration is absorbed by stand.

by Rob on
Better but not great

I am using the ØVIB platform with a full-size Bosch washer. I also bought the lift platform for the dryer. The ØVIB platform cancels the vibration from the washer when it is up to full spin speed, but not when it is starting the spin cycle or ending the spin cycle. I was hoping that it would eliminate all the vibration. The vibration is better than it was but still intrusive at the beginning and end of each spin cycle.

I found the dryer platform hard to install because the platform is not fully decked, but has steel decking at the front and back of the platform for the dryer feet. I was difficult to get the dryer positioned correctly on the dryer platform, since I only have access from the front.

by Cal on

I am pleased so far with the product. The washer shakes a lot on the platform, but there is a significant reduction in floor vibration. I would recommend the product to anyone with a front load washer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the ØVIB Washer Stand?

The ØVIB Washer Stand has been completely redesigned and is now called the VibrationBloc Front Load Washer Stand. The new product is available now! It features a significantly slimmed down design and a greater dynamic weight range.          

Where can I buy the HVAC Isolator?

The HVAC Isolator is available on its own website, and is available immediately!

Can I still buy the ØVIB Washer Stand or Steadywash™?

The new VibrationBloc Front Load Washer Stand is the evolved version of its progenitors, the ØVIB Washer Stand and Steadywash™. The new product has the same great performance as the earlier versions, but with a greater dynamic weight range for the newer, lighter machines.                    

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