Performance Comparison

How does the VibrationBloc Washer Stand compare to other products on the market? To answer this question, Seicon obtained and tested four competitor’s products beside the VibrationBloc Washing Machine Stand to demonstrate VibrationBloc’s substantially better performance.   In the test, a major-brand washing machine was permanently imbalanced, and the vibration from this machine was tested on Seicon’s accelerometer-equipped sound stage to record the vibration levels from the machine without any products underneath.  Subsequently, the same machine was tested with each set of competitive products individually installed, and finally against the VibrationBloc Washer Stand.

The results, shown below, demonstrate the significantly better performance of the VibrationBloc Washer Stand, and confirm the findings of Consumer Reports:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the ØVIB Washer Stand?

The ØVIB Washer Stand has been completely redesigned and is now called the VibrationBloc Front Load Washer Stand. The new product is available now! It features a significantly slimmed down design and a greater dynamic weight range.          

Where can I buy the HVAC Isolator?

The HVAC Isolator is available on its own website, and is available immediately!

Can I still buy the ØVIB Washer Stand or Steadywash™?

The new VibrationBloc Front Load Washer Stand is the evolved version of its progenitors, the ØVIB Washer Stand and Steadywash™. The new product has the same great performance as the earlier versions, but with a greater dynamic weight range for the newer, lighter machines.                    

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