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Leader in Vibration Reduction and Shock Control

Seicon Limited was organized as a limited liability company in the State of Ohio on October 14, 1998. We are primarily engaged in the  development, marketing and licensing of proprietary technology for isolating and controlling vibration and shocks generated by seismic waves and mechanical activity.

Seicon holds exclusive rights to new, unique technology for shock and vibration isolation that will revolutionize the fields of mechanical and civil engineering. Our exclusive rights to the patents covering this state-of-the-art, cost efficient technology (SEICON SYSTEM®) include all aspects of licensing, development, production, marketing and servicing. The technology has numerous design applications and can be utilized in a broad range of products, including motor mounts, pipe supports, buildings, aircraft, ships, bridges and elevated highways.

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by Glen Raab on

Sounds like the exact product I need for my high speed Washing/Dryer in my RV 5th Wheel trailer. Unfortunately it is too big - There is a great need in the RV community for such a vibration reduction product to work under RV Washer/Dryers - Please consider producing such a device...

by Carlos Di Sciacca on
What about European customers?

Do you ship the 0vib washer stander even to Europe (Germany)? There's no other possibility for me to buy it. Let me know. I gotta to have it

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the ØVIB Washer Stand?

The ØVIB Washer Stand has been completely redesigned and is now called the VibrationBloc Front Load Washer Stand. The new product is available now! It features a significantly slimmed down design and a greater dynamic weight range.          

Where can I buy the HVAC Isolator?

The HVAC Isolator is available on its own website, and is available immediately!

Can I still buy the ØVIB Washer Stand or Steadywash™?

The new VibrationBloc Front Load Washer Stand is the evolved version of its progenitors, the ØVIB Washer Stand and Steadywash™. The new product has the same great performance as the earlier versions, but with a greater dynamic weight range for the newer, lighter machines.                    

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