Customized Vibration and Shock Control Solutions

Seicon provides consulting services in the application of our patented technology to vibration and shock control problems. We have deep experience in utilizing this technology to solve problems in a creative way. We have found many seasoned professionals have difficulty explaining how this technology works, and it has even been called “Magic” by engineering professionals because of the way it behaves when applied to complicated and previously unsolvable problems. Please contact us to learn more.

Reduce noise and vibration transfer with the Seicon ØVIB Washer Stand

The ØVIB Washer Stand was developed to reduce noise and vibration in front loading washing machines located in first or second floor laundry rooms. This washer stand incorporates Seicon’s patented technology into a platform constructed with heavy 16 gauge steel that reduces vibration up to 92%, significantly outperforming competitive pads, mats and feet. It is compatible with most makes and models of machines and is easy to install. To learn more visit

The Seicon HVAC Isolator

The Seicon HVAC isolator is an innovative solution for structurally mounted HVAC units to reduce shock and vibration. This easy-to-install system significantly reduces vibrations transmitted into the structure and reduces noise transmission into living areas, and is an ideal solution for coastal, high wind, and seismic areas of the world. Our patented technology has been independently evaluated and tested for safety and effectiveness. To learn more visit

Seicon is paving the way for a steadier future.

In today’s ever-changing environment, technology fuels innovation. Seicon Limited has taken the latest advancements in shock and vibration control and developed customizable solutions for use in a multitude of applications. The SEICON SYSTEM® technology is based on a simple yet powerful design for use in consumer appliances, machinery, buildings, bridges, roadways, aircraft, ships and vehicles to isolate and reduce vibrations and shockwaves.

So what are people saying?

Our customers are thrilled. To learn more about our product line and read what our customers are saying, click here.

†SteadyWash™ is a trademark owned by Ohio Steel Industries.

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